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Where Most Needed

Your general donation will go toward our most pressing needs at Hope Positive Africa.

Support Our Communities With Scholarships

We invest in a brighter future by providing scholarships to kids and adults in our communities covering all of their expenses.

Help Us Fight Food Insecurity In Our Communities

Combatting African hunger: Provide aid, farm, teach self-sufficiency.

Help Us Fight Housing Insecurity In Our Communities

Acquiring land for homes and a refuge with an organic farm, teaching self-sufficiency. Thanks for supporting widows’ houses!

Medical Care

Let’s ensure a constant availability of funds for both unexpected medical emergencies and routine care in our communities.


Ministry travel in Africa, USA fundraising, and vehicle upkeep demand a steady stream of funds.

Support Our Caretakers

7 dedicated staff: Hope & Nalongo lead Africa operations; 3 workers for farm & building projects; Paul bridges cultures, educates, and fundraises; Ahmed handles USA operations.

Give Spare Change

You can help Hope Positive Africa with your change! Round-up donations are the easiest way to give on a monthly basis. Learn more here

HOPE+ Africa is a 501(c)3 organization.  Your gifts are tax deductible. Please note that 20% of all gifts are transferred to our administration fund to help cover the costs of running our programs.